“Do You Need an Accountability Buddy?”

Accountability BuddySince August, I have completed four different challenges with two friends, and am now halfway through my fifth! My earlier experience of working with a life coach for three months had really shown me the benefits of being held to account. I didn’t have the budget to continue with the coaching but didn’t want to lose the momentum that had been built up by that regular 1-1 contact and support. These were the key factors, you see, in helping me to make more consistent progress with my goals: accountability and support.

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“Living by Our Values”

Living by Our ValuesI’ve been hearing a lot about values recently. Teachers and speakers that I’ve been connecting with over the past few months keep highlighting the importance of: 1) knowing our values, and 2) being guided by them.

Initially it just pricked my curiosity, but as I started identifying my own values I also began seeing connections between them and the different areas of my life: Ah! A-ha!!

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“Nurturing Our Neglected Areas”

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We all have them. Neglected areas, no-go zones, niggly frustrated parts, stretches of nothing – those periods of time when we’re low on money, work, sex, love, well-being, fun, fitness, focus, connection or contentment – nobody’s life is totally balanced. Well, nobody I know anyway.

To assist you in identifying your impoverished areas, try the ‘Life Pie’ exercise in my previous blog post:

Middle Age, Money and Making Changes

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“Making Tea the Proper British Way”

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Making Tea the Proper British WayFor anyone seeking citizenship or settlement in the United Kingdom, there is a compulsory 45-minute test, entitled “Life in the UK”: 24 multiple-choice questions about British traditions and customs. If I had any say in the matter, I would insist that at least one question be dedicated to our noble national treasure – namely, tea – with compulsory viewing of a video tutorial on making tea the proper British way.

Becoming a British Citizen – Life in the UK Test

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