“The Benefits of Blogging”

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The Benefits of BloggingAs the curtains close on 2017 I’m sure many of us will be mulling over the past year … reviewing what we have done, what we haven’t quite got round to, and what we might like more of in the coming year – for ourselves, our loved ones and the wider world. For me, 2017 was the year I became a blogger! For the purposes of this post, I will be focusing on some of the benefits of blogging. In this, I hope to answer the question that has often been put to me this year.

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“Relaxation and Happiness”

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Relaxation and HappinessWhen we were very little, my brother and I would curl up under a blanket, one at each end of the sofa, for afternoon ‘rest time’. There we would lie, quietly transfixed by the cosy glow of the gas fire, with the soaring strings of ‘Manuel and the Music of the Mountains’ washing over us. Not only has it stood the test of time as a much cherished childhood memory, but it also stands out as quite a potent early experience of relaxation and happiness.

Manuel & the Music of the Mountains – Malaguena (1964)

Manuel & The Music of the Mountains – The Shadow Of Your Smile (1965)

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“Nurturing Our Neglected Areas”

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We all have them. Neglected areas, no-go zones, niggly frustrated parts, stretches of nothing – those periods of time when we’re low on money, work, sex, love, well-being, fun, fitness, focus, connection or contentment – nobody’s life is totally balanced. Well, nobody I know anyway.

To assist you in identifying your impoverished areas, try the ‘Life Pie’ exercise in my previous blog post:

Middle Age, Money and Making Changes

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“Making Tea the Proper British Way”

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Making Tea the Proper British WayFor anyone seeking citizenship or settlement in the United Kingdom, there is a compulsory 45-minute test, entitled “Life in the UK”: 24 multiple-choice questions about British traditions and customs. If I had any say in the matter, I would insist that at least one question be dedicated to our noble national treasure – namely, tea – with compulsory viewing of a video tutorial on making tea the proper British way.

Becoming a British Citizen – Life in the UK Test

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